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Hi, I’m Alisa from St.Petersburg, Russia. I’m a freelance illustrator and a work-at-home-Mom. Over a last decade I was tightly involved in design. I used to do website design, stationery, motion graphics, illustration and even some cartoons.

Since my first baby was born and time became gold, I felt I needed to prioritize and make a choice. I also had an urge to make my baby’s world beautiful with my own hands. So, I sticked to illustration and children graphics. Being also a fashion addict, I started making some fashion illustration as well. Continue reading “Hello there!”

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Goldfish. Illustration by Alisa Knatko

Goldfish. Illustration by Alisa Knatko

Original digital illustration (2017)

This illustration was inspired by baby crafts we did with my daughter.

If you like my illustrations, they are available for purchase on a variety of products at Society6.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to commission a similar artwork.

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