Hello there!

Hi, I’m Alisa from St.Petersburg, Russia. I’m a¬†freelance¬†illustrator and a work-at-home-Mom. Over a last decade I was tightly involved in design. I used to do website design, stationery, motion graphics, illustration and even some cartoons.

Since my first baby was born and time became gold, I felt I needed to prioritize and make a choice. I also had an urge to make my baby’s world beautiful with my own hands. So, I sticked to illustration and children graphics. Being also a fashion addict, I started making some fashion illustration as well.

I am constantly amazed by illustration, by the simple but strong impact it makes on people. I feel that illustration is a universal and amazing language. And I am thrilled by many illustration masters – both from the past and contemporary.

So, this blog is about sharing illustration, creativity and parenting. Join in!


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