I am a freelance illustrator focused on childrens, decorative and fashion illustration. In 2019 I’ve been very lucky to be featured in Bologna and Seoul book fairs with my children’s books illustrations. In my paintings I use mixed media: pen, colored pencils, ink, watercolor and digital software. I love drawing flowers, landscapes, characters and animals. Illustration is my life-long passion. So, essentially this blog is about illustration and my portfolio.

I have two precious small kids – my dear strong-willed daughter S and my sweet and joyful son J. Since my dear husband works really long hours, I am on 24/7 parenting duty while trying to squeeze some working hours. And if you have small children and/or work from home – we probably have a lot to discuss)

Apart from illustration and kids, I’m a foodie, a coffee junkie and a big fan of ballet, fashion and traveling.

I am very lucky to live in a stunning city of St. Petersburg (Russia), Northern and grey but oh so beautiful.

Since I am an extremely visual person, you probably get much more impression about me from my images than all the writing, so please feel welcomed at my Instagram and Pinterest feeds!

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