Low maintenance house plants

I love plants. Love flowers. Love drawing them. However, never having a green thumb, I wasted A LOT of houseplants. Some of them I did actually like very much, and wanted them to stay and maybe even blossom in my home.

But, nope! Despite my best attempts to follow the guidelines of watering, light and replanting, the plants kept leaving. Until I accepted that maybe I am not gifted in this and should start really easy. What if there are plants out there not so easily spoiled by my poor gardening skills?

And so, I found this wonderful article. Reading it, I realized that part of my Plant Problem was living in a tiny apartment with too much direct sunlight (=dry heat). That meant I needed desert-resistant plants, also safe for kids.

I picked out three plants for a start: chlorophytum (the “spider plant”), jade (the “money tree”) and stunning echeveria (or the “stone rose”). I got them two months ago, and they are feeling fine! Even being watered twice a week, under direct sunlight. I’m so relieved and happy to see those little green guys at my window.

When you are choosing smart, you can do it, too! Happy planting!


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