Kids health vs doctors: book review

I’m in the middle of reading Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn’s “How to Raise a Healthy Child…In Spite of Your Doctor” and really shocked by how reasonable and modern this 1987 book is!

The problem is, my two little kids get sick incredibly often. Like, it’s rare 3-5 days when everyone is 100% healthy. I’m not saying they are seriously sick – just some regular flu or cold. But their treatment usually takes 3-4 weeks, several visits to various doctors, multiple tests, and tons of drugs and other medical aids. I’m owning a whole pharmacy by now, including a set of antibiotics. And it’s not getting better for about 2 years…

I find this situation really frustrating and want to find a solution to this kids health problem, because obviously the doctors do not have it. So, the title of the book caught my eye.

Right from the first pages, Dr. Mendelsohn demolishes the angelic view of modern medicine and doctors as its preachers. It’s so radical and yet logical! I sincerely do not know how he managed to publish it! And how it got so popular that I found a Russian version of this book. Definitely “must-read” for every thinking parent, at least for a balanced outlook.


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