Evgeny Charushin (Soviet children illustrator)

I’ve been looking through my children books recently. So many titles, so frequently read… Not all of those illustrations are my favorite, but they definitely stand out with their boldly articulated style and storytelling properties. So, I wondered who is standing behind those pictures? What kind of people were those illustrators?

Last week I wrote about Suteyev, another popular Soviet children books illustrator was

Evgeny Charushin (1901-1965)

Evgeny was a close friend of other prominent Soviet illustrator, Yury Vasnetsov. Apart from the graphics, he was also a sculptor and a writer.
Charushin’s main topic in illustration was animals. In his illustrations, he tried to create a brand new type of children’s book – highly artistic and educational. Illustrations of Charushin are light, atmospheric and full love towards the nature.

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This post is a part of my series Master Monday, dedicated to famous illustrators.

To be continued…


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