Fashion illustration by René Gruau

You most probably have seen his fashion illustrations. They are like a epitome of Fashion Illustration. But did you know who stood behind those images? Me not. Here is a little research.

Rene was born on 1909 in Rimini, (Italy) under most Italian name Renato Zavagli Ricciardelli delle Caminate. He changed it later for Gruau (his mother last name), more French styled and short one, as he entered French haute couture fashion ‘cuisine’. Which happened unbelievably early: Rene’s first success came when he was 14, developing into world recognition and fame at the age of 18.

And you can easily see why: even today, almost a century later, his fashion illustrations look trendy. Rene got a bit dull and factual fashion illustration to a completely new level: simple but so distinctive! His images are a mix of Japanese minimalism and sensual Toulouse-Lautrec styles. He brought glamour and class into fashion advertising. Gruau’s drawings were representing nearly all leading fashion houses of his time and appeared in most popular fashion magazines. Moreover, his illustration influenced fashion industry itself.

Some illustrations by Rene Gruau

This post is a part of my series Master Monday, dedicated to famous illustrators.

To be continued…


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