Vladimir Suteyev (Soviet children illustrator)

I’ve been looking through my children books recently. So many titles, so frequently read… Not all of those illustrations are my favorite, but they definitely stand out with their boldly articulated style and storytelling properties. So, I wondered who is standing behind those pictures? What kind of people were those illustrators?

Last week I wrote about Vasnetsov, another popular Soviet children books illustrator was

Vladimir Suteyev (1903-1993)

Vladimir Suteyev was one of the most fruitful illustrators of Soviet children’s books. Apart from that, he was one of the Godfathers of Soviet cartoon industry, and also wrote some books. My generation grew watching Suteyev’s cartoons. Here are some of them:

The cartoon passion defined illustration style of Suteyev: fast line sketch with simple coloring. His pictures might lack some finishing, but they surely portray emotions and movement. Besides, this fast sketching technique enables illustrating almost every single page of a book, which children love.

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This post is a part of my series Master Monday, dedicated to famous illustrators.

To be continued…


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