Yuri Vasnetsov (Soviet children illustrator)

I’ve been looking through my children books recently. So many titles, so frequently read… Not all of those illustrations are my favorite, but they definitely stand out with their boldly articulated style and storytelling properties. So, I wondered who is standing behind those pictures? What kind of people were those illustrators? 

One of the most popular Soviet children books illustrator was

Yuri Vasnetsov (1900-1973)

A distant relative of A.Vasnetsov and a student of Kazimir Malevich, Yuri Vasnetsov for almost half a century was creating children illustrations that became industry standard and were admired by several generations of Soviet people.

Yuri Vasnetsov - Soviet children illustrator

Apart from children illustration, Vasnetsov also made landscape paintings and was even exhibited at the Russian museum in St. Petersburg.

Illustrations of Vasnetsov are very graphical: thick outline and bold even colors. His pictures exhibit master composition and ornamentalism. Thanks to folk ornaments, illustration kind of ‘sparkle’ like treasures. The technique behind Vasnetsov’s illustration remind estamp. And after numerous reprints the colors (unfortunately) faded so much, that by 80s black color started to prevail in books with those illustrations. However, one can still see the brilliant drawings and guess the original magical, fary tale colors:

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This post is a part of my series Master Monday, dedicated to famous illustrators.

To be continued…


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