How to take care of your toddler’s curly hair (in 3 basic rules)

Tangly, messed up hair. Hysterical cries when comb, elastic band or hairdryer is around. Sounds familiar? That’s a typical nightmare of a curly child parent. Somewhere closer to my daughters 1,5 years I discovered that I had no idea of how to treat her rebelling hair (mine is plain straight).

I have to admit, even being a gorgeous curly blond, my daughter frequently looked not exactly Pinterest-acceptable.

It sounds like a common problem, but to my surprise, I found no ready-to-use Google advice. So, my way emerged from trial and error.

How to take care of your kids curly hair

The good news is, in some way, curly hair is easier – it does not grease so much as straights hair does. Probably something to do with curly hair not sticking to the sculp and collecting the oils. Curly is also easier for styling (because you don’t need it, they look fantastic in their natural way – yay!). When treated wisely, that is.

Three years into parenting a curly girl, and I came up with three simple rules for her curly hair:

1. Conditioner

I can’t stress enough the importance of this one. Just washing hair and blow drying it – is a recipe for a curly hair disaster. I ALWAYS use conditioner after washing my daughters hair. I’d love to say I use some fancy organic baby product, but unfortunately here in St.Petersburg there are very limited options and I frequently end up using whatever conditioner I use myself. Saying that, I always make sure I apply it on the endings and never the sculp. I’d also live my girl’s hair to air dry, but we live in the North, so that is not an option. Our best friend is aprofessional hairdryer.

2. Tangle teezer (miracle) brush

Tangle teezer

A real game changer! I do not know how I managed without this brush! Since I got it from some chain cosmetic shop, I do not try anything else with my daughter’s curls. However simple it is, this brush does miracles of un-tangling, really fast. I use it once a day in the morning. Maybe once more for a fancy outing.

3. Live it alone

The truth is, you don’t have to wash curly hair so often. It practically does not get greasy even 3 days after washing.

There is also no reason to style curly hair that much. Curls are too willful for tight braids or strengthening. They will eventually (and quite fast) show their playful nature through your styling, so why bother? Besides, curly hair when treated fairly logos gorgeous in its natural way.

I also do not recommend cutting curly hair too short or often. You will be not able to see much haircut shape. And short curls make this lion-look, which gets into a kids face.

I basically keep front bangs up with some kind of a pin (so that they do not cover eyes). Sometimes I do a couple of ponytails or a very loose simple braid. If I need to get the hair together, I use spring scrunchy.

Hair scrunchy

That’s it! Curls rule!


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