How I make my art. Spring Tree

This is a post from series of How to’s. I love looking at art projects in progress myself. I’m thinking of making video speed drawings, but for now just posting photo reports.

Moleskine and color crayons

I start with a fast Stabilo pen sketch in my pocket Moleskine


Sometimes I just take this and scan it right to my computer to color and tweak it in Photoshop. But this time I want it to be hand drawn in bigger format, so I take my fabulous Faber-Castell A4 notepad and draw the tree again with a pencil, using my Moleskine as a reference.

After I’m happy with the composition, I outline it with a Stabilo pen. The excessive pencil gets erased.


Some finishing touches for the linework…


…and the outline is ready!


Now time for some coloring!¬†I’m really lucky to have a selection of Faber-Castell color crayons/pencils. Wonderful quality and colors.


I pick a limited number of colors and try them with my linework. Looks fine


Not forgetting to use underlying sheet of paper so that I do not smudge anything.




Then I upload it into my computed for come further coloring, texturizing and final touches.

Will post the final version later.


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